Innerbloom supports women everywhere to connect into the wisdom of their bodies through learning about, reflecting on and aligning with their menstrual cycle. We believe periods aren’t something to dread or ignore. We view the cycle as an intricate and powerful natural rhythm that can empower us to feel aligned with our body, emotions, the present moment and the earth.


We believe in motivating women to tune into their cyclic wisdom every day by harnessing their menstrual cycle. We also want to celebrate those who don’t experience a period by encouraging a connection to the lunar cycle which mirrors the same cyclic elements of creation and release. Through the vehicle of delicious, organic herbal tea blends, Innerbloom creates a daily ritual with the intention of tracking and reconnecting with our unique natural rhythms. By taking a moment each day to anchor and contemplate, we can access more flow, greater joy and deeper connection, which we advocate is every human’s birthright. 


We believe in harnessing the magic of plants, a practice as old as time itself, and using them as an ally to harmonise with the earth. We believe in treading lightly; our herbs are ethically sourced and our packaging is environmentally sustainable.

Innerbloom strongly advocates for menstrual cycle awareness, breaking taboos and educating women to recognise the patterns of their individual cycle so they can experience the benefits of it. 

Innerbloom believes deep connection to our lives starts with deep connection to our body. We can't truly feel aligned with the world around us if we’ve haven’t first aligned with ourselves. Innerbloom teas provide the opportunity to track the cycle and achieve connection in a personal, natural, ritualistic way