How long will the cycle set last me?

Each Tin is approximately 60 serves so the whole set will last you approx 8 months if you have a cup a day.

I’m sensitive to caffeine. Are the Innerbloom teas right for me?

Blends 1, 2 and 3 are caffeine-free, and Blend 4 contains raw cacao nibs which do contain caffeine. Some people can tolerate raw cacao alongside nervous system-supportive herbs (Blend 4 also contains Licorice root and Lavender that can smooth the wakeful effect of cacao.) We recommend using your own judgement of your caffeine sensitivity with whether Blend 4 will be right for you.

Can I drink Innerbloom teas if I’m taking medication?

If you currently take medication (pharmaceutical or natural) and you’re unsure whether the teas will interact with your medication, we advise checking with a qualified Naturopath or Herbalist or your primary health care provider. If you have a known allergy to a herb or plant family, it is best to avoid that herb.

Can I drink Innerbloom teas if I’m on the Pill?

Yes, Innerbloom teas can be enjoyed as a way to connect with the stages of your cycle even if you are on the oral contraceptive pill. Because Innerbloom teas do not affect your hormones directly, they do not have a known negative interaction with the Pill and can be used as general wellbeing support. As always, if you are unsure, please consult your primary health provider.

Can I drink the teas if I don’t have a period?

Absolutely. Innerbloom teas also support nervous system, immune system, general wellbeing and a ceremonial connection to the deeper rhythms at play in our lives, whether you have a period or womb or not.
We recommend using them instead, in alignment with the lunar/moon cycle, which also spans 28 days and offers similar themes of surrender, renewal, creation, release (coincidence? We think not!) on the day of the new moon (you can find this online pretty easily) start drinking 01 and every 7 days swap to the next blend.

Can I drink the teas if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

Innerbloom teas contain some herbs that are best to avoid during pregnancy and breastfeeding in therapeutic doses. For example, Mugwort has a toning effect on the womb, Schisandra in pregnancy is only to be used during labour with the support of a qualified practitioner, and Sage acts as an anti-galactagogue and can reduce breast milk production. Even though it is unlikely you will reach a high therapeutic dose drinking Innerbloom tea, we still always approach pregnancy and breastfeeding with reverence and caution, so please consult a qualified Naturopath or Herbalist for a herbal tea blend tailored to you during pregnancy.
Herbs in Innerbloom tea that are best avoided during pregnancy include:
Mugwort, Ginger (at high doses), Holy Basil, Nettle (use with support from a qualified practitioner), Calendula (use with support from a qualified practitioner), Schisandra (can be used during labour with support from a qualified practitioner), Rosehip (use with support from a qualified practitioner), Cacao (best to avoid during pregnancy due to caffeine content), Sage and Licorice.
Herbs in Innerbloom tea that are best avoided during breastfeeding are:
Mugwort (use with support from a qualified practitioner), Echinacea (use with support from a qualified practitioner), Holy Basil, Nettle (use with support from a qualified practitioner), Calendula (use with support from a qualified practitioner), Schisandra (use with support from a qualified practitioner), Cacao (best to avoid during breastfeeding due to caffeine content), Sage (use with support from a qualified practitioner), Licorice.

Will the teas affect my hormones?

Because our cycles are unique, Innerbloom teas don’t work directly with your hormones as it would cut so many people (including us!) out of being able to drink them. We’re really working on an energetic, emotional, physiological level without disrupting hormones.

What is the best way to drink the teas?

The tea blends have been formulated to support the four stages of the menstrual cycle, and so, our recommendation is to follow the suggested flow from Blend 1 through to Blend 4. However, the ethos of Innerbloom is about attuning to YOUR unique cycle and trusting the innate wisdom of your body. With that in mind, we encourage you to be lead by your intuition. Month-to-month, your ritual may vary slightly. Know that you can’t get this ‘wrong.’

Who formulated the teas?

Innerbloom founder Sam worked with incredible Naturopath Sarah Mann to formulate the blends. Sarah’s reverence for plants, and her connection to the earth is inspiring. We spent MANY, many months getting to know these blends and perfecting them. Sarah has an Associate Degree of Clinical Science and Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy (AssocDegClinSci, AdvDipNat.) You can find her here.. Sarah absolutely loves working with people and their cycles! www.sarahmannnaturopath.com

Do you gift wrap?

Innerbloom is contained in beautiful branded packaging, which means each package arrives as if it’s a gift! We’re so proud of how this product FEELS to unwrap. We handpack each order, so if you are gifting the teas, press “gift” when checking out to have a handwritten note included and sender/invoice removed when being sent out.

Do you have a physical store I can visit?

At this stage, Innerbloom is only offered online, however we have plans to stock in physical retail outlets, so stay tuned! Get in touch if you have a store and you’d love to stock Innerbloom hello@innerbloomtea.com 

What If I gave the incorrect information when I ordered?

If you find you have entered incorrect shipping information, please email us ASAP at hello@innerbloomtea.com and we will attempt to correct the mistake.
Once the order has been dispatched we are unable to make any changes to your shipping address. If your order has already been shipped and it is returned to us, we will reship it at your expense. Please double check your address is correct before processing your order. Business addresses must include the business name.
If parcels are not collected or are required to be returned to sender due to insufficient or incorrect information, postage costs are unable to be refunded. Once you have placed your order, you are committing to the sale and declaring that all information entered including the shipping address is correct.

I just received my order and it’s incorrect. What should I do?

In the event of this occurring, we apologise! — please send an email straight away to hello@innerbloomtea.com so we can fix it for you!

My teas look different to last time I ordered. Has anything changed?

Given that we only source natural and organic ingredients, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature. In situations where extreme weather or natural disasters have affected our wonderful growers, we may have to source tea leaves and herbs from different suppliers.
Even when this happens, we will only ever source organic ingredients and blend our teas using the exact same formulation – but if your tea looks a little different, chances are we have sourced one or more of the ingredients from a new supplier. If you want to chat about your order further, send an email to hello@innerbloomtea.com

Do you sell your blends in teabags?

At this stage we do not sell our tea in teabags, as we try to minimise the environmental impact of our teas.

How do I store my tea?

We recommend storing the teas out of direct sunlight in a cool dry place. (so not on a windowsill or above the oven for example!) The herbs may settle so give them a good mix when you receive them!

Where do you source your ingredients?

We source our herbs from all over the world depending on where the best quality is for that specific ingredient (and organic, of course). We also source Australian where we can and have invested heavily in paying for quality. Paying extra for premium quality whenever possible and paying for small batch organic Australian herbs where we can. These teas are so special to us and our entire goal is to make sure the quality of the herbs are the best you can get. The origins that we source from may change depending on seasons, environmental and economic changes that can affect our raw ingredients but we always make sure we get organic premium quality no matter where it’s from.

Is your packaging recyclable?

We’ve made sure our packaging is 100% recyclable, it was really important for us to use zero plastic and make our imprint as small as possible. We’re so proud of the packaging and care that goes into packing your Innerbloom order. Rest assured this is a guilt free purchase!