The Mini Cycle Set


The Mini Signature Innerbloom Cycle Set Support System

A 28-day introduction to the Innerbloom range of loose leaf teas, specifically formulated to help support the four stages of your cycle.

Intentionally curated for you to invite ritual into each sip of your daily brew, the herbs in these four blends weave a thread of formulated purpose into your cycle.

Each of these hand blended teas support the period, post-period, ovulation and PMS stages of your cycle. They offer deep nourishment to your physical body, beautifully soothe your emotions and invite you to attune to your inner wisdom.

You’ll receive 7 serves of all four Innerbloom tea blends. And if you like the Innerbloom experience, you'll love our full cycle Set. An 8 month supply of organic tea packaged in beautiful reusable tins.